About Me

Photo courtesy of Zev Vitaly Abosh

Without obsession, life is nothing.
John Waters

I am obsessed with words.

You’ve got an idea. You don’t know how to tell it or where to begin. Perhaps you’re well on your way, but you’ve hit a roadblock. I get it. Writing is really freaking hard. To move forward, you need someone who understands you, your passion, and your message.

My words attract, engage, and enchant.

Whether you’re a new author, an established one, or just want to improve your creative mojo, I can up your storytelling game and help you stand out. I take care of composition, fine-tuning, or anything in between, so you can focus on your big-picture obsession.

In my off-time, I’m a tea junkie and travel nut.
I like to explore, have breakfast (and second breakfast), and converse with my cat. I wholeheartedly believe in magic.

Get your obsession out there. Get in touch.